Secure Parking Services In Las Vegas: How Automated Parking Systems Are Safe

4 min readAug 25, 2022

Providing secure parking services in Las Vegas is a sometimes disregarded but vital component of everyday safety. It doesn’t matter if we are parking at a multi-story public structure, a parking lot in a mall, or a curb in front of a house; each parking environment provides different risks that we need to take into account.

Thus, maintaining these spaces as safely as possible helps to keep everyone who uses them safe, including both drivers and pedestrians. Parking lots may not appear to be dangerous, but they are frequently crowded with unexpected cars that weave across pedestrians and could present extra safety risks.

Parking Area Safety

Consistent alertness is essential in these kinds of uncertain situations to preserve safety as the top concern. Promoting awareness and direction can prevent both parkers and pedestrians from stumbling into a collision. We should always ask how we might make individuals more aware of their surroundings while safely and effectively enabling parking and payment.

While advances in technology like driver assistance systems and car sensors serve to keep people safe, these features cannot take the place of being alert, paying attention to your surroundings, and driving gently when you are in a parking lot. Both drivers and pedestrians should be on the lookout for sudden movements because they can be dangerous and should be avoided.

Although it is generally a good idea to drive slowly and cautiously in parking lots, there are exceptions to this rule. Curbside parking does not present many issues compared to parking structures, mostly because of the overwhelming volume of parked cars. To reduce these potential risks, greater planning and attention are required as a parking area’s vehicle density increases.

About Automated Parking System

Property owners can build parking that is significantly safer for their clients and lower their liabilities by installing automated parking systems at commercial or residential properties.

The usual operation of an automated multi-level palletless parking system is as follows: Using a transponder, the user enters the garage, which triggers a sensor on the exterior doors to open and grant access to a transfer area. The user is directed into the proper parking position once inside the secure transfer area by an instruction screen connected to several safety sensors there. The user’s vehicle is picked up from the transfer area by a Satellite® and transported to their parking space after they have exited the transfer area and closed the outer door. When the user is prepared to go, they swipe their key fob or enter a security code in the waiting area. The automated mechanism is triggered by this code to pull the car out of its safe parking spot.

Secure Parking Services In Las Vegas
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Benefits of Automated Parking for Safety

A robotic automobile parking system transfers the vehicle to a secure parking space inside the garage that is inaccessible to the general public. Automated parking technology offers a variety of benefits from a safety standpoint, including:

  1. Fewer accidents

For instance, in a normal parking structure, customers are required to locate parking places on their own by navigating the structure by car. Users may be distracted as a result of hunting for an open area, which increases the risk of accidents. Instead of having to drive around the structure looking for a parking space, an automated parking structure moves cars via a robotic system directly to the spaces.

2. Decreased chance of theft

A fully automated parking garage also lessens the possibility of theft. A typical parking structure involves owners working inside and leaving their cars unattended. This makes the cars vulnerable to theft, particularly in remote or dark parts of the garage. An automatic parking system, on the other hand, securely parks a car in a space that only authorized workers and members of the public may access. In other words, there is essentially no chance for a thief to break into a car.

3. Improved personal safety

A fully automated parking garage reduces the likelihood of theft as well. Owners usually work within a parking structure and leave their cars unattended. As a result, the cars are more susceptible to theft, especially in isolated or dark areas of the garage. Contrarily, an automatic parking system parks an automobile safely in a location that is only accessible to authorized staff and members of the public. In other words, a burglar has virtually no chance of breaking into a car.

Final Thoughts

Automated parking systems increase public safety for these and many more reasons while lowering the property owner risks. Therefore, this is how automation can ensure the safety of a parking lot.

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