iOS 17 — Key Features, Supported Devices And Release Date

3 min readMar 1, 2023

Apple IOS 16.4 is about to be launched next month for all iPhone enthusiasts worldwide. This update is likely to add value to users’ experience with a range of new features.

The list includes but is not limited to the following only:

iOS developers at Apple are also testing iOS 16.4 rigorously. But none of these are getting iPhone lovers’ attention like the iOS 17 operating system.

iPhone’s next generation of operating systems is already topping the news charts worldwide. Let us tell you everything about it.

Key Features of iOS 17

Team Apple has been working on the development of some exclusive features. Tons of Android-like customization features are compelling evidence of it.

Team Apple needs to offer a lot more value to users through it. Android is already offering those features to its user base worldwide. Given below is the list of possible features in it

All iPhone enthusiasts worldwide have been demanding this feature for a decade. This Android specialty is still a dream for all iPhone lovers worldwide. Team Apple can incorporate this feature in this version of iOS.

Most iPhone enthusiasts in the world do not like to read and manage notifications. They do not like to do so, especially on the lock screen.

Android users worldwide find it easy to manage notifications. It is possible that iPhone users like you can get this feature as a part of this update.

Dual Apps is another feature you may get this time. In other words, it is called App Cloning in Android smartphones.

Usersmay be able to access clone apps like WhatsApp in order to access multiple accounts .

Split Screen is one of the most important features for multitasking. You could have a chance to view multiple apps at once for better quality of productivity. All iPhone enthusiasts like you stand a good chance to save time while doing an important task.

Improved Siri is something that every iPhone lover wants. Hey, Siri voice command to your iPhone voice assistant can be a thing of the past soon. Simply saying Siri could do the job for you.

Multiple Display Support, Mixed Reality Headsets, Sideloading, Alternate App Store, and New Car Play are also expected to be a part of this update. What is more important is the availability of third-party app stores Digital Markets Act mandated in Europe.

List of Devices Supported by iOS 17

It is expected to support iPhone SE (2nd and 3rd Generation), and iPhone X Series phones in addition to the iPhone 11, 12, 13, and 14. Take a loo at the list below:

iOS 17 Expected Release Date

The iOS 17 launch is still several months away. But the company has not given any idea about the confirmed release date of it.

However, developers will get access to it during the Worldwide Developers Conference in June 2023 for the purpose of testing. Some more wait is the only option available for the general public to access the beta version.

The launch of its complete version is to be released in September 2023 alongside the new batch of iPhones.

These are only speculations that have surfaced online. You must wait until its release in September 2023.

Simply play the waiting game till then.

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