Google Search Console Complete Guide 2022 Series — Part 3 | Removal and Disavow Tools

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Google Search Console Complete Guide 2022 Series — Part- 3 will take your knowledge about the concept to the next level. Did you read the first two parts of the series? The first part taught you about the following steps of website ownership verification:

The second part of the series was composed with the intention to guide you about the following features of it:

Steps to remove wrong or unwanted sitemap is another thing you must have learned. Therefore, we suggest you read today’s post. You are going to learn some more things about the concept. For instance:

You are advised to read the complete post in order to learn about these topics.

Let’s start below

Slow and steady wins the race. Always go slow for this reason.

Removal Tools

These tools are different from disavow tools. You get this set of tools as a part of the Index section. The following three are the parts of the removal tools:

Temporary Removals

Google allows permanent removal using No Index Tags. It is because the largest engine in the world does not offer a direct feature for permanent removal.

The duration of removal of pages is important to realize for you. In other words, you can get indexed pages of your website for six months.

What is the process? This must be one of the thousand questions running inside your brain. Just follow the steps given below:

  • First, click the New Request option visible on your screen.
  • Second, make your choice from the options below:

We are first going to talk about the Temporarily Remove URL option. This feature offers two options mentioned below:

Just enter the URL in addition to making your choice from the radio buttons. Another key thing you should know is the thing you can remove with it. It allows you to remove the following for six months:

It must be remembered that your selection of radio buttons matters. The selection of the first button removes only the URL entered.

The selection of the second button wipes out all types of records related to the URL entered. It removes all URLs with the same prefix as well. Submit the request only after you have double-checked everything.

You will then see a list of submitted requests. The list allows you to cancel the removal of URLs anytime.

Outdated Content

This tab does not offer you any feature. It presents you with a list of URLs having outdated content. This happens when readers report your content as outdated.

Don’t you see anything in this tab? You then have a big reason to smile. It means everything is fine with your website.

Safe Search Filtering

This tab also does not offer you any features. It is used in order to access the list of URLs containing adult content.

You can be happy if you do not get to see any URL in this tab. In other words, your content does not fall in the category of adult content.

That’s enough about Removal Tools. It is now time to move on and talk about the next concept.

Disavow Tools

This specialty is different from the one discussed above. It is equally important for webmasters. You can leverage its potential to get rid of harmful backlinks from your website.

Webmasters cannot ignore the importance of backlinks. Backlinks help Google find your website as well as the content. Furthermore, backlinks help Google understand your content.

However, normal SEO has more importance than backlinks. It is because just a couple of high-quality backlinks are enough to help Google find your website, and content and understand the intent of your content. Hence, you need to focus more on SEO instead of getting unlimited backlinks.

Google too has understood it over time. The search engine has developed some algorithms by the same token. Another key Google has understood is the way bad backlinks harm websites.

The issue encouraged the search engine to launch a reward system. The reward system rewards websites with high-quality backlinks. But Google has not developed any penalty program to penalize websites flooded with harmful backlinks.

You are still not advised to think about using the following:

Use this specialty only to remove bad backlinks from your website. Disavow Tools cannot be accessed directly in the Search Console. Instead, you can use one of the following links:

Click on the link of your choice in order to access disavow tools.

You must see the link carefully before proceeding. You will notice the search console term as a part of the link. It means that the concept is a part of the whole thing.

Again, you are advised to focus on the location and grouping of all menus and options.

You should use the new version instead of the old version. It is because Google is about to abandon the old version.

You are now advised to use the following steps:

  • Login using your Gmail credentials.
  • Select your website from the dropdown list.

Make sure you select the right property before uploading the Disavow file.

The file being uploaded must be in .txt format.

Do you want some help in order to generate the disavow file? SEMrush and Ahrefs are the tools you need then. These tools allow you to generate the disavow file automatically.

How about creating disavow files on your own? The process is easy in this case.

Just follow the steps written below:

  • Just open the notepad.
  • Paste all backlinks that you want to disavow.
  • Do not type more than one backlink in one line.

Do you want to disavow all backlinks coming from a specific source or website at once? In this case, type for it as mentioned below:

For instance:


The instruction allows you to disavow all harmful backlinks coming from a third party. Furthermore, it allows you to disavow all backlinks at once.

  • The size of your file must not exceed 2MB.
  • The file should also not contain more than one hundred thousand lines.
  • Do not forget to save the file in .txt format before uploading.
  • Finally, upload the file.

You will get to see an error window on your screen only if the file being uploaded has an error. In case everything is right, you will the following options:

  • Download file — to download the file.
  • Cancel Disavowals — to cancel your disavow request.
  • Replace — for replacing the old disavow file with a new disavow file.

These are two offensive options of Search Console in order to remove bad backlinks from your website. According to the guidance provided to you through Google Search Console Complete Guide 2022 Series — Part- 3, you can use any one of these two options as per your requirements.

Stay tuned! It is because G oogle Search Console Complete Guide 2022 Series — Part- 4 is coming soon. You will learn about topics like Core Web Vitals, Mobile Usability, and Enhancement in it.

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